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Contactless crew management & covid app

Are you managing a large team of people? Do you need to have everyone’s contact details at your fingertips? Does your company want to make sure everyone gets tested for covid-19? Does your team want to know their test results instantly, once the lab has processed them? Badger is a user-friendly app and management platform that helps you achieve all of the above without breaking a sweat. And besides saving you a a big headache, it drastically cuts back on admin costs and everyone’s precious time. And we all know what time saved means!


All aboard! In a few clicks.

Knowing your entire team is the key to being a successful manager. Badger helps you invite members to your team and verify their submitted details. Selected team members’ information can be then securely shared across departments, so no one has to fill out any piece of information twice. Ever again.

Zap in

Let your colleagues avoid tedious paperwork and get started on something more productive. The onboarding process is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Accept the project invitation.

Fill in your personal details.

Complete your project information.

Submit your invoicing details.

All done!

Covid testing

Covid test planning? Piece of cake

With Badger, it’s incredibly simple to create and manage testing events. You can choose to invite individuals, departments or various groups to come take their covid test. Invites are sent via email and through the app, then confirmed by the users. Attendance is monitored in real time to know who still hasn’t showed up. The test samples are sent to the lab with unique QR codes giving the lab the possibility to evaluate and report back the results as they get processed. Users are then instantly notified in the app.   

Seconds to process a PCR test

It takes less than 30 seconds to process a PCR test Badger user. With one beep of their digital or physical badge, Badger prints any necessary forms and labels and checks the user into the event.

The Daily health check

Keep your crew safe

The Badger app asks users to monitor their health on a daily basis. A quick survey each morning lets you monitor the team’s health, so that you can avoid any potentially dangerous contacts before they actually happen.

Add Badger to your Home Screen

On Apple - Safari browser

In the bottom of the screen, click on “Share” icon and from the menu select “Add to Home Screen”

On Android - Chrome browser

In the upper right corner click on three dots and from the menu select “Add to Home Screen”

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